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Jury Awards Austin Family $3.1 Million in Toxic Home Case 

Lawsuit: Biotoxins allegedly caused by building defects left family of six with long-term neurological and physical injuries.

AUSTIN, Texas, August 17, 2023. An Austin family has been granted a $3.1 million settlement by a jury in a Travis County state district court following the revelation that their residence and possessions fell victim to toxic mold as a result of substandard construction practices and a malfunctioning heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Just Well Law, PLLC, the legal representative for the family, announced the verdict.

The lawsuit, filed by Kristina and Evan Baehr and their four minor children, asserts that their home and personal belongings were ravaged by toxic mold during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 due to the “grossly negligent — and even reckless — design and construction” of the property.

Kevin Terrazas from Terrazas PLLC in Austin and Robert McKee from The McKee Law Group in Florida represented the Baehr family throughout the legal proceedings.

Reflecting on the verdict and impending settlements, Kristina and Evan Baehr expressed gratitude that their family can now embark on the healing process. They praised their legal representatives, Kevin Terrazas and Robert McKee, for their unwavering support. The Baehr family’s motivation for pursuing the case extended beyond their personal situation. “We brought this case not only for our own family but for all those who have been poisoned by the negligence of companies that turn a blind eye to toxic exposure they create. Every family has the right to a home with safe air, and we want families like ours to know that there’s hope in the justice system,” they stated.

Kristina Baehr, who is also an attorney, revealed that the family’s harrowing experience with their toxic home prompted her to refocus her legal practice, leading to the establishment of Just Well Law, PLLC, which aims to assist families grappling with similar legal concerns.

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