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Chemical and Microbial Environmental Exposure

Exposure to toxic chemicals, molds, bacteria, and polluted environments can cause property damage and serious, irreversible damage to the health of the victims. This type of litigation requires a team of professionals specialized in immunology, toxicology, epidemiology, physicians, lawyers, among others, to establish a solid connection between the toxic torts causing harm to the affected people and the contaminated environment, with the aim of obtaining the maximum compensation possible.

Robert J. McKee, founder of The McKee Law Group, has built a nationally recognized reputation in this field of practice. Bob, who focuses on exposure injuries, has litigated these type of cases throughout the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. When a fungicide caused damage on several crops, Bob represented hundreds of farmers from Florida, Hawaii, Central America, the Caribbean, and Fiji. When BP’s Deepwater Horizon disgorged its poisonous hydrocarbons, Bob was one of the lead attorneys helping the victims recover just compensation.

The McKee Law Group and its associated lawyers have both the expertise in the legal field as well as the scientific background necessary to successfully represent injured clients against powerful corporations. By constantly staying up-to-date with the applicable science, our lawyers develop creative pathways in order to prevail utilizing state-of-the-art methodology and science in each case.

At the McKee Law Group we help those who have suffered disabling injuries that can be the result of mold and bacteria exposure, toxic tort, pesticide impacts on farm workers, air and water pollution, hazardous waste, and resource extraction.

Mold and Bacteria Exposure

Mold testingLinking mold and bacteria sickness to environments is hard to prove and therefore, it requires solid connection between the exposure victim’s health and the contaminated environment. These exposures affect the victims health in different ways: allergic reaction, invasive fungal infection, immune dysfunction, inflammation or toxicological poisoning. Immune system damage symptoms can range from moderate hay fever-like symptoms to severe respiratory problems resulting in hospitalizations, brain damage, kidney failure, liver failure, cancer and death in humans. Due to the complexity of each case, it is important to have a law firm that has the medical, environmental and legal expertise to litigate successfully your case.

Toxic Tort

toxic-tortToxic tort claims involve cases where victims have been injured after being exposed to hazardous substances or chemicals caused by others. Examples of toxic torts are prescription of drugs with insufficient testing that can cause fatal side effects; pesticides containing chemicals that cause respiratory disease, and/or cancer; lead based paints used on children’s toys or in dishes made available for serving food products, tobacco products, asbestos, beryllium (chemical used in strengthening metals by the mining industry, processing of metal alloys, and aerospace manufacturing), etc. Diseases and illnesses resulting from exposure to toxins often cause long-term and sometimes fatal injuries.

Pesticide Impacts in Homes and Work Places

PesticideFamilies face serious health risks from pesticide exposure every year. Some of the regulations involving pesticides have not been updated in twenty years. Oftentimes the victims of pesticide exposure have not been properly notified of the risks they face on a daily basis from various contaminants. Some of the short and long-term effects of this kind of exposure can include stinging eyes, rashes, blisters, blindness, nausea, dizziness, headache, coma and even death, infertility, neurological disorders and even some types of cancer. If you or a family member has suffered any injury from exposure to pesticides, contact The McKee Law Group. We will fight for your rights and get you maximum compensation for your injuries.