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Using justice to bring healing and closure to those injured by others

With over 30 years of experience and firmly rooted in a highly successful legal practice, The McKee Law Group, LLC is a law firm dedicated to redress injustices suffered by injured victims. With decades of trial experience, The McKee Law Group uses a selective team of handpicked relentless litigators who come with impressive backgrounds in most areas of personal injury ranging from automobile, aviation, product liability and admiralty cases to environmental torts, including microbial, chemical, and radiation exposure cases. The McKee Law Group brings the expertise, ability and competency of outstanding attorneys, who uphold the human and personal touch in every case. Not only does The McKee Law Group achieve successful results for its clients, but it does so by representing clients with dignity, integrity and fearless determination.

Robert J. McKee, Esq.

Founder and Trial Lawyer

Mary Luz Rodriguez A., Esq.

Trial Lawyer