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Mediation and Case Consulting


Robert is a Supreme Court of Florida certified circuit civil mediator. With his entire career focused on environmental exposures, he is particularly compassionate and helpful with regard to the problem solving in mediation of these types of cases.

In addition to his own case work, Robert McKee now offers case consulting services to clients and counsel around the nation in environmental exposure cases.

We see a tremendous need for guidance of the many thousands of people who have become sick from environmental hazards that could have been avoided or mitigated. Together, we want to help more families and businesses by equipping them and their counsel to navigate successful resolution.

While we are not counsel of record in this consulting role, we are committed to helping clients understand the legal issues and strategies unique to environmental exposure.


Our Strategic Input

  • Environmental Testing
  • Medical Testing
  • Damage Analysis
  • Claims Support & Analysis
  • Discovery Assistance
  • Expert Selection and Training
  • Settlement
  • Arbitration or Trial Assistance


Environmental Testing. An effective toxic exposure case begins with accurate testing. We recommend and work with environmental experts to ensure that the appropriate testing is done—and to ensure that the testing links to medical harm.

Medical Testing. We direct clients and doctors to get the right medical testing and treatment to show that the exposure caused medical harm.

Damage Analysis. We assist clients and attorneys to identify and calculate the kinds of damages that can be recovered in these cases. We believe that environmental exposure can cause very real and long lasting harm that should be calculated and compensated accordingly.

Claims Support & Analysis. We share sample complaints and discovery processes to help assess and pursue the kinds of claims you can bring in your particular case. Was the conduct intentional? Did the defendant intentionally conceal the risk of harm? We identify case strategies and decision making for collection of damages.

Discovery Assistance. We share sample requests for production, requests for admissions, and interrogatories designed to get to the root of the issues in an exposure case (and to target the potential insurance exclusions that the defendants will claim to apply).

Expert Selection & Training. We have worked with many of the best experts in the field, and we are continuing to cultivate new experts to testify in state and federal court on critical medical and exposure issues.

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