Trial Attorneys

Robert J. McKee, Esq.

Robert J. McKee is a licensed trial lawyer in the State of Florida since 1993. He is also a Florida Supreme Court certified civil circuit mediator. His case load focuses on personal injury relating to chemical, microbial and radiation exposure. He holds several of the largest jury verdicts and case results in Florida history pertaining to mold exposure, automobile wrongful death, and pesticide exposure.

Graduating from the University of Florida Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science, McKee formed his first business in 1980, Bali Horticultural Enterprises, Inc. in Davie, Florida. That business focused on his first nursery, landscape design and installation activities throughout South Florida. McKee has been a nurseryman and plant breeder for over 40 years.

After attending law school and passing the Florida Bar Exam, McKee immediately commenced multiple back-to-back trials with his mentoring partner at Krupnick Campbell against DuPont for farmers’ claims from a defective fungicide, Benlate. After winning multiple trials on behalf of these farmers, DuPont settled all of the law firm’s cases for close to a quarter of a billion dollars. The law firm made new lawyer McKee a name partner shortly thereafter as a result of that success. Subsequently, McKee and the law firm sued DuPont again in Florida state court for pesticide run-off damage to the shrimp industry of Ecuador. After multiple trials, appeals, and 17 years of effort, the trial court struck DuPont’s pleadings for fraud on the court. Confidential settlement ensued.

When the BP oil spill occurred, McKee and his firm led the drive in developing critical evidence on behalf of almost 3000 clients, including the State of Yucatan in Mexico, filing suit for many in Key West, Florida. Those clients successfully resolved their cases.

In 2021, upon the reopening of the state courthouse in South Florida, McKee obtained the first post-covid jury verdict for a mold injured client. The jury, recognizing the significance of the injury and the effects on the client’s life, awarded more than 48 million dollars to her. McKee has substantial knowledge pertaining to the biological consequences of fungal exposure and of the environmental science to locate, remediate, and document exposure sources within buildings.


1979 – University of Florida. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science. Graduated with highest honors.

1992 – Juris Doctor. St. Thomas University School of Law. Graduated with honors.


1980- 1992 Bali Horticultural Enterprises, Inc. President and owner. Landscape design, installation and nursery sales. Davie, Florida

1992-93 Law Clerk: Krupnick, Campbell, Malone, et al P.A. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

1993-1995 Associate lawyer Krupnick, Campbell, Malone et al P.A. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

1995-2012 Full Equity Partner Krupnick Campbell, Malone…& McKee, P.A. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

2008 – Present Managing Member and founder of Lucky Sumo, LLC Davie, Florida. Adenium and bonsai nursery.

2012-Present Founder of The McKee Law Group LLC. Davie, Florida

2013 – Present Founder of Living Sculpture Sanctuary LLC. Davie, Florida.