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Wrongful Death Verdict Truly About Justice, Not About The Money

Attorneys Robert McKee and Mary Luz Rodriguez of The McKee Law Group teamed up with David Brill and Joseph Rinaldi, Jr., of Brill & Rinaldi, brought suit against Moreno-Vega and the auto dealership for Tim Blaikie’s wrongful death. Jury ruled in favor of Blaikie’s family. Read more

DuPont Loses Fungicide Verdict

By Doreen Hemlock – Sun-Sentinel Dec 2006 “A South Florida jury has ordered chemical maker E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co. to pay $10 million in damages to a U.S.-owned Ecuadorian shrimp farm, after it found that runoff of DuPont fungicide Benlate and other chemicals had hurt shrimp production.” Read more

Jury Awards Austin Family $3.1 Million in Toxic Home Case 

Lawsuit: Biotoxins allegedly caused by building defects left family of six with long-term neurological and physical injuries. AUSTIN, Texas, August 17, 2023. An Austin family has been granted a $3.1 million settlement by a jury in a Travis County state district court following the revelation that their residence and possessions fell victim to toxic mold […]